Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sometime during this past week, Briony figured out 'I love...' and it's been a veritable lovefest around here since then. Some more frequently heard declarations include 'I love eee eee (monkey)!' 'I love Foofa!' 'I love cheese!' and 'I love swings!'

It's important to note that these exclamations are SHOUTED. And often randomly. And she looks at us as if she's letting us in on some big secret, not understanding that we are absolutely aware of EVERYTHING that Briony loves in this world.

Around the same time, she also started with the hug attacks. That's what we're calling them, because I'm not really sure how else to describe what happens. Briony just randomly stops what she's doing and comes at us yelling 'HUG! HUG!' and then flings herself at us as forcefully as she can muster. Immediately on impact, she'll go limp and just nuzzle into your neck (sometimes whispering 'hug! hug!') and stay there for as long as she needs to. And then she gets up and continues with her playing as if nothing happened.

The hug attacks have us on our toes because the surprise sneaky ninja hugs could end very badly if we don't catch her when she goes limp. In any case, it's hilarious - and one of my favourite Briony things so far.

That and watching her yell 'I looooove swiiiiiiings!' as she giggles from up in the clouds.

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At April 21, 2010 4:27 PM, Blogger Elleah said...

That is so sweet. :)

At April 21, 2010 8:01 PM, Anonymous Marilyn said...

Crazy kid:) Is she related to Hannah?!

At April 21, 2010 10:05 PM, Anonymous Momma said...

I could use one of those B hugs. Send her over.

At April 22, 2010 12:36 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

Ooooh, those hug attacks must feel sooo good! How adorable!

At April 22, 2010 11:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this!! I wish my boys could still do that, but they are 22 and 24...they would kill me. I miss that kind of love!


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