Friday, April 23, 2010

Looking Ahead

I'm sitting here trying to organize our lives a little bit. I'm behind on updating the calendar, meal planning, and all kinds of fabulous wife and mommy things. As I update, I'm realizing that I have some seriously awesome things coming up...
- The MS Walk this Sunday
- A birthday party... or three (that I know of so far)
- Another massage... or two ;)
- Another Mac workshop to make me more awesome at work
- Our first 'Young Adults with Arthritis' meetup
- My first attempt at cardmaking with a bunch of other moms (okay, this might not be 'seriously awesome' but I'm attempting to make mommy friends and this is apparently something that mommies do?!)
- A spa + yoga weekend at Hotel Fort Garry with my best friend
- Another trip to BC to spend time with family and friends

This is all happening in the next month. And I still need to add in some playdates and coffee dates and other little things before we leave. Oh, and I'm sure that Geoff is planning something super-fabulous for Mother's Day. HAHA.

This is shaping up to be an incredibly busy couple of weeks... And Geoff is working through most of it. Hope we're up for it! YIKES.



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