Monday, February 22, 2010

Surprise! It's MONDAY

OH MY GOD is it Monday.

We're in between #1 and #2 of Geoff's three night shifts this week, and I'm up to my eyeballs in my own work. The full weight of our decision to both work full time while only having childcare for Briony set up for one day a week is hitting me HARD today.

Today was totally one of those days where Briony was in front of the television with her sippy cup and a container of Cheerios by 10 am so that I could get some work done. SHUDDER. All those things we said we wouldn't do when we became parents... :)

Have I mentioned that she's pretty much finished with her morning nap? Because she's pretty much finished with her morning nap. And I'm not really okay with that yet (as if I get to choose, hehe). It's going to be great as soon as she's truly ready for it - that one nap is EPIC and GLORIOUS - but in the meantime, it just means that the time between when she would normally have her morning nap and the time when she actually goes down for a nap in the afternoon is not exactly a picnic.

For the record, 'not exactly a picnic' today meant that - while I was on the phone with a client - she got into a drawer that she KNOWS she's not supposed to play with. And I interrupted the call about nineteen times to say NO. But she did it anyway, and closed one of her tiny little fingertips into said drawer. HYSTERICS. I finally called my client back about about half an hour later, and let me say that I am so very grateful for the clients I have who are parents themselves. It's mortifying to be so unprofessional sometimes. Again, the things we swore we would never do... I can remember with perfect clarity sitting at my desk all cute and professional and proclaiming to Christine and Dolly that I would NEVER be that freelancer who had a kid fussing in the background, patting my pregnant belly so smugly. SIGH.

Anyway. She's having a great nap now. I managed to get my short list of house cleaning stuff done (I still dream of the day when the whole list gets done... I would be a brand new woman, I swear). I have successfully completed my short list of client deadlines for today (again, I remember blissfully what it felt like to occasionally GET AHEAD). But what I really need is to shower. And to make myself a cup of tea. And to figure out some sort of device that would let me shower and drink tea at the same time.

This is EXACTLY what They mean when They say that you can't have it all. But I am SO determined to prove Them wrong. I'll keep you posted on how that's going :)

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At February 22, 2010 11:02 PM, Blogger ka said...

I'm sorry, but I laughed. Because even with kids, just when you think you're moving right along something hapwith kids it's just one thing after another.

Like, they seem interested in potty training. And you dream of a world with no diapers. So you decide to actually, seriously, tackle potty training. And you spend your ENTIRE DAY running back and forth from the potty. And yet somehow pee still gets on the floor at least twice in one day. But more often than not it hits the potty. So you can't give up. Because, did I mention, NO DIAPERS?!

So as if worrying about your daughter catching her fingers in drawers isn't enough, imagine this... Little Baby B is siting on the potty. And, miracle of miracle, what is SUPPOSED to land in the pot does. And all full of glee, she shouts, "I poop...potty!"

Try explaining to your client on the conference call that you must excuse yourself for a moment, but in this house you always get a sticker when you poop.

At February 23, 2010 3:51 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

KA - So much to look forward to... :)


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