Tuesday, February 09, 2010

No Rest For The Wicked

In this case, WICKED = BACK AT WORK. Yikes! It is absolutely amazing how many things one person can accomplish in a day that - as always - contains a mere 24 hours.

I've been back at work for a few months now, but it's been getting steadily busier... It all kind of built up to December and the entire month was crazy before things cooled off over the holidays. January started off slow but picked up momentum quickly - and before I knew it, I was balancing projects and offers that were entirely unanticipated. I've definitely been hitting 40 hours/week lately.

It's all good. If it wasn't, I've said no. That's the absolutely beautiful thing about being busy.

In the midst of all of this, I've also started twice-a-week physiotherapy - because I have time to run downtown for that. Ha! But it's all part of my resolution to take better care of myself this year. I've been trying to keep up with friends, but not doing as well as I would like to. One thing I've been moderately successful in is keeping some things for me on the agenda - things like yoga, moms group, and massages. I'm trying very hard to make sure that one of those things happen every week. Because I know it's true that I'm a better mom and a better person if I take time to take care of myself first. There are days when I feel incredibly guilty for doing it (but not guilty enough to change my plans).

I've been falling into bed exhausted, but with this incredible feeling that I've done important things with my time and energy. And it's making me appreciate the moments I have with my baby girl in a new way. I don't think I've ever taken my time with her for granted, but that awareness has been elevated to another level lately.

I'm trying to learn to live more mindfully - to be more aware of what I'm spending my time doing and concentrating on the moment that's in front of me instead of wasting it worrying about the next thing that's coming. It's definitely a journey, but one that I honestly believe will be worth it.

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At February 10, 2010 1:18 PM, Anonymous Marilyn said...

Great that you are doing something positive for your body as well as your mind:)


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