Friday, January 29, 2010

Reality Check

That's been the theme of our last 24+ hours, beginning with a baby-hating WestJet agent and then continuing on to a delayed flight and a baby who - quite inexplicably - decided that she was not going to sleep ONE WINK on the flight. We walked in our front door around 01.30 on Friday morning. Blech.

By the way, it's FREAKING COLD here. Just felt I should point that out.

I think I should win an award for having the foresight to schedule today as a Katie Day. It was so wonderful to have someone here to play with Briony while Geoff and I ran errands and stocked our fridge and cupboards with groceries again. I had hoped to accomplish much more today, but isn't that always how it goes? :)

The evening was spent at the hospital - helping out a friend who was stuck in the purgatory of the emergency department and attempting to visit my grandma (she was sleeping when I stopped by with flowers). I'm worried about both of them. The silver living was that I ended up being able to spend some unexpected time with Amber, my hospital buddy for the evening.

And now I think that Briony might *finally* be asleep, poor messed up kid. Which means that her mommy (who totally has a migraine starting) might *finally* be able to attempt some sleep of my own before I do the single parent thing for the rest of this weekend while Geoff goes back to work. Wish me luck!

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At January 30, 2010 7:09 PM, Blogger Nikki + Shane said...

Seriously, Future Lindsay is as awesome as Present Lindsay because she knows EXACTLY what Present Lindsay will need - like Katie Days. Can Future Lindsay teach Future Nicole a thing or two because she NEVER thinks of Present Nicole.


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