Sunday, February 01, 2009

Congratulations, Aaron & Caitlin!

Yup, it's official. My brother Aaron proposed to his girlfriend last night, at the end of a ridiculously complicated day... It basically involved convincing Cait that they were helping to prank a friend of a friend - but Cait was the real victim, and ended up (unknowingly) carrying around a 'mystery package' all day that actually contained her own engagement ring, and delivering it to a 'mystery location' in the evening that ended up being a room full of candles and roses. In the end, he proposed and she said yes.

Congrats! So very happy for both of you, and excited for Cait to officially become a sister :)

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At February 01, 2009 3:11 PM, Blogger gloria said...

romantic much?

At February 02, 2009 2:17 PM, Anonymous Erin said...

Aw, way to go Aaron! How fun :)

At February 02, 2009 3:31 PM, Blogger Elleah said...

That's a great story! I'm really happy for them!

At February 02, 2009 4:19 PM, Anonymous Marilyn said...

Congratulations to the happy couple!! Glad she held onto the package:)


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