Monday, August 30, 2010

Crumbly With a Chance of Meltdown

So Briony seems to be a little bit better. She ran a fever off and on again on Saturday night and all day Sunday, and her rash has been coming and going a little bit too. She woke up this morning and seems to be doing well...

*fingers crossed*

I, on the other hand, am pouring all my energy and focus into one primary goal: DO NOT CRUMBLE. One foot in front of the other. Essential responsibilities only. Do whatever you need to do to survive.

I'm exhausted. Exhausted, in pain, and tres bitchy. Once again, this week is going to be a gong show, between Geoff's work schedule and mine. The monsoon I endured on my way to work this morning didn't exactly help. If I wanted to deal with soggy pant hems and Olympic calibre umbrella wrestling, we'd live in Vancouver... hehe.

This weekend, Briony + I moved in with my mom for two days and it was awesome to enjoy some extra help.

Today's solution is going to be to leave work early and meet Geoff + Briony for lunch. And then maybe a nap. With a 100% chance of a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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