Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby, I'm a Rockstar

In all my packing and cleaning and arranging and flying and catching up, I have completely neglected to inform you of a rather auspicious event that occurred last week. It seems that I am the recipient of a very exciting award (Golden Globes? SO AMATEUR).

My lovely friend Erin has bestowed on me the honour of the Blog Rockstar award.

I'm not entirely sure that it means. But I'll take it. Along with displaying this nifty little image, I am apparently required to share with all of you the reasons why I am in fact a rockstar.

So without further ado...

1. I'm friends with Erin. She's pretty cool.

2. I'm quite possibly the world's most awesome car-based singer and dancer.

3. I am at least 50% responsible for creating a baby with the coolest dance moves EVER. Seriously. That girl is pretty amazing. Just ask to see her zombie cat dance.

4. I think I could do a decent job of being rich, if ever given the chance.

5. I would have the most amazing entourage of friends :)

And now, I must pass along this honour to other deserving bloggers. Congratulations to Amber (maybe this will encourage you to post a little more often... hehe) and Lindsay (now THAT's a rockstar name)! You've officially been pimped ;)

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